So Much Stress….



Does it seem that we are living in chaotic times? Does it feel that things are moving too fast?   How do we ever catch up?

I am here to tell you that catching up is just a myth. We do not need to catch up with anyone or anything.

We need to find the right speed to where we feel comfortable with in ourselves.

What does that mean? It means taking a moment to slow down and stop the racing around running around, and just breathe. I believe that when we dont take that moment, we can get caught up in a never ending cycle of stress.

How do you feel when the news is talking about the recent shootings on College campuses, or the news that is full of stories of the trade of five Taliban prisoners (i.e. terrorists from Guantanamo, for an army private that is now thought to be a deserter?)  Does it make you feel helpless? I know that at times like these, it would be great if we would just turn off the television and disconnect the cable. Unfortunately out of habit or lack of practice, we don’t and we keep on listening, subjecting ourselves to more worry and fear.

We can make a choice to walk away from the overwhelming stress .  We must remind ourselves that we are strong, and do have the power to relax and de-stress.  We can bring ourselves back to the present moment, and not get caught up in the fear of the WHAT IF’S ????

Staying in the present moment  means to find a moment in our day where we can just take a few moments. That is all we need. To quiet our mind, and slow down our breath, and  get centered in our life.  We become aware and grateful for our life, without fear and without hesitation, and can just  be in the stillness of what is…



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